Thankful for Our Authors

We are thankful for the privilege of working with some outstanding authors. This collage represents some of the books we’ve edited or formatted this year, which include fiction and nonfiction: novels, memoirs, education workbooks, journalism, and religious themes.

We enjoy talking on the phone, emailing and texting with our writers, getting to know them, and assisting as they fulfill their dream of completing their book and becoming a published author.

As one client mentioned on the phone a few days ago, “I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but I never dreamed I’d be an author. Thanks for your wonderful help and encouragement. I’m ready to start my next book!”

Truth in Advertising

The staff members at P&L Publishing & Literary Services are writers who have written books and articles with a number of traditional and independent publishers. This means we have quite a bit of personal experience. Plus we’ve seen many sides of the publishing industry.

When we got started, we took a look at the different editing and formatting services, comparing their prices and what they offered. One online formatting service seemed to come up over and over again as the lowest price available, so we had to take a hard look at our own prices, and adjust them accordingly.

man-1459246_1280However, one of our new formatters used that very service for a book he published a year or so ago, and informed us that the super-low price was just a come-on. “True, that’s the advertised price, but by the time you submit your manuscript and get started, you’re told that the rock bottom price doesn’t apply. Although you thought you could get your book formatted for about $50, the actual price is around $200 or $300. There’s a big difference between what they advertise in order to lure and hook an author, compared to what you really have to fork over.”

When P&L formats your book, you pay exactly what you see on our website . . . not a penny more. When our editor sends an invoice indicating what it’ll cost to edit your manuscript, you know right away what you have to pay, and it’s not going to change.

No come-ons. No bait and switch. Just honest truth, low costs, and a great finished product. That’s our promise to you.