business-woman-2756210_1920 (2)Every publisher and agent in the business urges you to have your manuscript edited before submitting it. Our in-house editor has more than 20 years of experience editing and coaching writers, and is an award-winning writer with a Ph.D. in English. Whether you’re writing a book for traditional publishing or for self-publishing, a dissertation or content for a website, you and your project will be in expert hands. You can count on compassionate, professional care throughout the process. Please call or email for a free consultation. All manuscripts should be double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, and submitted as Microsoft Word documents.


Writing is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. The editing services we offer include Proofreading, Line Editing, and Project Development. Here are descriptions of each type of editing so that you can choose what fits your needs. 

Laptop and CuppaProofreading:  This level of editing includes the mechanics of good writing: checking for typos, punctuation, and other simple sentence errors that can be repaired by deleting, adding, or changing a word here and there. Proofreading is a service appropriate for projects that are almost ready for publication and merely need to be polished and delivered as a finished product.

magnifying-glass-97588_1280Line Editing:  A more elaborate level than proofreading, Line Editing includes proofreading, as well as sentence repair. In this process, we’ll correct wordiness, awkward word order (syntax), word choice (diction), and lack of clarity. This kind of editing is great for authors who have completed their book or dissertation, but they may be concerned that their writing isn’t communicating  as clearly as possible. This type of editing will polish your manuscript so that it shines, and is absolutely ready for publishing.

teddy-bear-2855982_1920Project Development:  For writers who may need help completing their projects, we offer Project Development. Wherever you are in the writing process (generating ideas, organizing, expanding, revising, etc.), we can help move your project towards publication. This service doesn’t focus on sentence-level help; instead, it considers the project as a whole, the big picture, and gives input to writers about the overall vision of the project. We’ll offer concrete advice about how to complete paragraphs, sections, and chapters, leading to a complete manuscript.

Pricing:  Proofreading and Line Editing are priced per double-spaced page. Project Development is priced per hour.

Proofreading:  $2.50 per double-spaced page

Line Editing:  $5.00 per double-spaced page

Project Development:  $30 per hour


Please call or email for a free consultation. If you decide to use our editing service, click on this Editing Service Agreement. This will download the agreement to your computer. Please fill it out and return it to us in an email or by regular mail.

There are no hidden fees.

Small projects may be billed on completion. Larger projects may be billed periodically as sections are completed. You don’t pay for any editing until we have given you an invoice with the precise amount. You’ll love working with our editorial staff. We’re always professional, kind, and encouraging, helping you do your best work.

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