Revise and Rewrite

There’s a simple reason why it’s crucial that you revise and rewrite your work: Clarity and Accuracy. You don’t want people to misunderstand your message. Take a look at the opening sentence of a news article that was published on July 13, 2020:

SAN DIEGO (AP), July 13, 2020 — Firefighters were still battling a blaze Monday on a Navy combat ship that injured at least 57 people and sent acrid smoke billowing over San Diego.

A literal reading of this sentence indicates that a Navy ship, which had injured at least 57 people, was now on fire and the firefighters were still battling that blaze on Monday. What the journalist intended to write was that the fire had injured at least 57 people, but that’s not what he or she actually wrote.

Now, let’s change it to make it reflect the journalist’s intention.

On Monday, firefighters were still battling a blaze that injured at least 57 people on a Navy combat ship, and which sent acrid smoke billowing over San Diego.

When we talk, we can quickly correct our verbal mistakes. But when we put our thoughts in print, our errors go out into the public, and we may never be able to correct them. I know, because I’ve made those mistakes, and they can be embarrassing.

Write – check – revise – rewrite – check – revise – rewrite – then publish.

Change is Part of Life

P&L Publishing & Literary Services is happy to report another successful year under Paul’s leadership. As mentioned in a previous blog, Linda is the editor, Eugene does the bulk of the formatting, and Paul creates the book covers and quality control for the formatting. The three of us are a great team.

We know that Time & Tide wait for no man, but Change is just as persistent as time & tide.

Paul has written numerous books, Paul and Linda have conducted marriage retreats and church seminars for many years. He’s been a featured speaker at writers’ conferences, and he mentors writers in developing their skills and online platform. Paul is now in high demand as a life coach, speaker, and counselor across the nation. Therefore, we are changing roles.

Eugene has accepted the lead in P&L Publishing & Literary Services to allow Paul more time to fulfill his overall life’s calling. As time allows, Linda will continue as editor, Paul will do the basic book covers, and Eugene will be the primary contact and perform many of the duties of operating the company.

Eugene still writes for newspapers and writes his own books, but we give our clients high priority, and we’ll continue to provide excellent service for our clients. Check out our website at You’ll find our prices are low and our service quality is high.

We look forward to hearing from you.