Reduced Price

In order to make our services even more accessible to writers, we just reduced the price of our book formatting for authors who want to self-publish their books.

It’s already true that nobody out there can match the personalized, relationship-based approach we take with our authors. One of our clients tried calling his previous formatter, and was actually told, “Don’t call on the phone. We don’t talk to our customers.” Another low-cost formatting service says on their website, “No agency contact allowed.”

We’re not like that. Along with our lowered prices, we still invite our customers to call or email whenever they need to talk or get some information.

1 Simple Pricing

We already offer professional book editing at a fantastic price, whether you want to self-publish or prepare your book before submitting it to a traditional publisher. All agents and publishers urge you to hire an editor before submitting your manuscript to them. We can take care of that for you. Just give us a call at (863) 274-5978. Our editor will talk with you, get a good understanding of you and your project, and tell you what the cost will be. Then compare our price with any other editor, and you’ll see for yourself what a great deal you’re getting with P&L Publishing & Literary Services.P+L_LogoColor

5 Replies to “Reduced Price”

  1. Good Morning,
    I am a good friend of Brenda Linzey Kerr, and she suggested I speak with you.

    I am wanting to start a mini book series, sharing insight and wisdom on topics people desire to know more about.

    They would end up being less than two pages long.

    I am curious what your fee for this service be? I have approximately 45 topics to address at this time.

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  2. Hi Patti. Thanks for the information. Would you be available to talk on the phone a day or two from now. I’d like to get a better idea of what you want the finished product to look like. We can definitely lower the price for you. What kind of cover do you have in mind? Do you want them in print only, or do you also want eBooks? do you have any images or graphics? Those are the kinds of things I need to know. You’re welcome to give me your phone number by clicking on the Get in Touch page above. And let me know what time Wednesday or Thursday I can call you. I am excited that you’re going to be putting your message into this form.


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